– Full Years in operation: 3 (started in the end of 2014)
– Total number of members: 2014 = 54 / 2015 = 120 / 2016 = 240 / 2017 = 260
– Total number of big boat divisions: 2014 = 1 / 2015 = 3 / 2016 = 6 / 2017 = 7
– Total number of kayak divisions: 2015 = 1 / 2016 = 6 / 2017 = 9
– Total number of events per year: 2015 = 29 / 2016 = 78 / 2017 = 110
– For 2017, we have already added 4 new divisions, 2 on the kayak side and 2 on the big boat side.
– We are moving into our third year and have grown over 400% for all the right reasons….and keep growing!

New England Bassin is a regional bass individual/team tournament series that is sweeping the Northeast. NE Bassin is a competitive, enjoyable and affordable individual/team series with yearlong incentives and over 90% payouts between cash and prizes. Due to the massive interest 3 short years ago and teams demanding more in 2014, NE Bassin was created and is now in full stride coming into the 2018 season as we finished our 2017 season strong with over 110 events, 16 divisions and over 260 members throughout the region.  With great teams, great people and options, comes great events. If you need a release from fishing against the same competition as well as the politics associated with a club every year, or if you are just looking to get on the water with a partner and make some memories while also competing for prize money or just looking for something new, come join the cheapest, fastest growing, most incentive individual/team tournament trail in New England. You will have fast professional weigh-ins, to get you in and out and on your way, friendly smack talking among teams, and good payouts. With a slick modern logo design, you’ll be looking good fishing even when the fish aren’t biting. Come join the best-looking individual/team tournament trail that prides itself on being different and REAL in New England. We are now accepting membership applications for the 2018 season. With 50 members in 2014, over 100 members in 2015, 240 members in 2016, 260 members in 2017 who’s knows what 2018 will bring. We have had over 400% growth which shows and proves that we are not going anywhere any time soon.

To guarantee your membership as well as your spot in the events you chose to fish, I advise completing and sending in the membership form under the “Forms” tab sooner than later.

People have asked and challenged us over the last few years, how is NE Bassin, ” The Future Of Bass Fishing”? Its pretty simple, were an organization based around the angler, for the angler. We have multiple events, in multiple states and a regional for you to fish, we run NE Bassin outings throughout the year on and off the water for team & organization camaraderie. We paid out over $20,000 in 2015, over $36,000 in 2016 and $46,000 in 2017. We have apparel that isn’t only state of the art, but that our members take pride in wearing not because they have to, but because they want to. We have lasting relationships and sponsorships across the country, regionally and locally that we take pride in marketing and promoting their brands and products. The NE Bassin organization prides itself on being REAL, being HONEST, being UPFRONT, being CARING, being FAIR, being FRIENDLY & being COMPASSIONATE to all of our members and the sport itself. We do what we want in the best interest for the organization, we make changes, we set the bar, and we do things different. Lastly, were not run or operated on people from a national board but by each other. We are the new leader in bass fishing, which makes us ” The Future Of bass Fishing”.


  1. Jim Shannon

    Please add me with any correspondence with upcoming tournament schedules. I am interested in participating. Thanks!

    • veraj001@hartfordschools.org

      Hey Jim, thanks for your interest in NE Bassin. Whats dates did you need to know? I just updated the Maine dates if thats what you needed. Let me know, thanks jamie

    • veraj001@hartfordschools.org

      The big boat MA division is updated as of late last week. The MA director is already getting mail in from teams. I advise getting your stuff in sooner than later as the MA division maxes out at 15 boats per event for 2016.

    • veraj001@hartfordschools.org

      Hey James and thanks for your interest in NEBASSIN. We currently do not have any events in RI but are always looking for new and upcoming directors to play in role expanding NEBASSIN. Email me or call me to further discuss your question further.

      nebassinfishing@gmail.com cell 203.510.8805

  2. Ryan Corcoran

    Me and my friend who are both 14 would like to fish the small boat series in CT. Are we eligible?
    Do we need a parent on the boat?

    • veraj001@hartfordschools.org

      Hey Ryan and thanks for your interest in NEBASSIN. You would need a parent for sure to be able to drop you off and pick you up. He or she will also have to sign and speak to me before the start of the season to further discuss. This is a singles event so you would have to fish alone and so would your buddy until we open up our NEBKS team division.

      Hope this helps, may be easier to call or email me and my contact is on the director’s tab.


    • veraj001@hartfordschools.org

      Hi Stan,

      Thanks for your interest in nebassin. As of now, we do not have a completely separate division for fly fishing although we do allow fly fisherman to fish our bass events. If you were leaving towards other fish species, I would be more than willing to talk more about how we can get you more active. Feel free to email me at nebassinfishing@gmail.com

      Thanks, Jamie

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