NEBASSIN is proud to be a partner of the Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) national organization.

Do you want to qualify and fish in the KBF National Championship in 2018? NEBASSIN will qualify 13 total spots for this event.

NEBASSIN will qualify the top overall angler who is a KBF member from each of the 8 Kayak division (NEBKS) throughout the region.
NEBASSIN will also qualify the top 5 overall KBF members at the 2017 NEBKS regional this Fall.

Not only can you fish for fun, fish to win and qualify for a regional, now you have just gave yourself an opportunity to qualify for a national event along
with a possible bid at nationals to fish the worlds through NEBASSIN.

2017 KBF Membership payment makes you eligible to compete in KBF TRAIL Series tournaments, KBF Member-only Challenges, and the KBF National Championship. It also puts you in the running for KBF Angler of the Year.
Deadline for NEBASSIN members to become a KBF member is July 31, 2017 in order to qualify for the above.

Go to the KBF website below to learn more info about the many options, levels and opportunities you can benefit from becoming a KBF member.
kbf-membership – link


Bridgeport, CT Location