NE Bassin is great way to help promote your company, grow sales, get the word out and finally give away products to our anglers for your company. We are a professional fishing organization and we will do anything to help promote your company and have the goal of growing your sales. To sponsor NE Bassin or a given event please contact us directly to further discuss the unlimited possibilities for both your company and NE Bassin.

Thanks to all sponsors for your continued support. Lets please support them as well.
Discounts are shown below.

Old Town is the official kayak of NEBASSIN.
Check them out at: www.oldtowncanoe.com

Old Town Kayak Giveaway: We will once again be giving away an Old Town Predator at our 2018 regional event. This will be raffled off. You will receive 1 FREE raffle ticket if you come in the top 8 in any kayak division. The top 5 overall at our regionals will receive 3 FREE bonus tickets and places 6-10 will receive 1 FREE bonus ticket.

bho web

BHO beats anyones prices by at least 15%
Black Hall Outfitters – www.blackhalloutfitters.com

RAYJUS is the official tournament jersey of NEBASSIN.
Use this link below, pick your design, pick your colors and add your sponsors to your custom jersey.

When ordering, be sure to enter the member’s coupon code on the order form “NEBASSIN20” at checkout. Our REP will see the order come in and apply the 20% OFF.
Please visit this link for ordering: 

XZone Lures are an official regional sponsor of NEBASSIN.
Contact us or any director for a discount code, members only.
Check them out at: www.xzonelures.com

The Rod Glove is an official regional sponsor of NEBASSIN.
Contact us or any director for a discount code, members only.
Check them out at: www.therodglove.com

TRAPPER TACKLE is the official hook of NEBASSIN.
ICAST Best of Show Award Winning Trapper Hooks improve both bait and fish retention so you make more casts and land more fish.
Check them out at: www.trappertackle.com

Swagger Tackle are the official Tungsten weights of NEBASSIN.
Looking for the best deals on Tungsten weights across the country? Look no further.
They are offering 15% off all of their products for NEBASSIN members only on their website.
Use code: NEBASSIN15
Check them out online at: www.swaggertackle.com

COSTA’s are the official sunglasses of NEBASSIN.
Men’s, Women’s and Youth sunglasses: www.costadelmar.com

EGO is the official net, measurement tool and weigh-in bag of NEBASSIN.

EGO – www.egofishinggear.com


Buy products at the nebassin online store.
Sure-Life – To Purchase click here: www.squareup.com/store/nebassin
For info click here: www.sure-life.com

 The Clip-N-Cull is the official culling system of NEBASSIN.
They are offering 15% off any of their products for NEBASSIN members.
Use code: nebassin15

Kistler Rods – www.kistlerrods.com
Use code: NEBASSIN25%OFF
Which is good for 25% off any items in our store except items in the DEALS category

Lews – www.lews.com

BaitCloud™ is a formulation of fish attracting components designed to activate and draw nearby fish to your fishing location utilizing multiple sensory methods:
1. via smell; in fish oils, amino acids, and proprietary scents
2. via sound; in effervescent bubble action
3. with sight; in Bio-Glitter scale reflections
4. by feel; with lateral line awareness to the action plume.

 Use code “NEBASSIN15” for 15% all orders through their website: www.baitcloud.com


Heavy duty adhesive APALS® are waterproof to 200 feet deep, shockproof and will run for over 200 hours each.

Use code “NEBASSIN18” for 20% off all orders through their website: www.brite-strike.com


Krank 5 Baits custom paint jobs are among the best in the country.
They paint jobs for the pros as well as give the edge among many tournament
anglers across the nation.

They are offering 10% off any order to NEBASSIN members when calling or e-mailing them that you are an official NEBASSIN Member when using code: “NEBASSIN10″
Check them out online: www.krank5baits.com

Pro Tournament Scales are the official scales of NEBASSIN.
Check them out online: www.tournamentscales.com

Cabin Creek – www.cabincreekbaits.com
20% off to all NE Bassin members – use code, “bigfish” on their website.

Z-man – www.zmanfishing.com

Cattails n’ Cornfields – Tournament Bass Fishing Tackle – North Haven, CT
Call for Discount and orders – 203.815.6670

Trigger Happy Comfort Grips – www.triggerhappycomfortgrips.com
Must contact them directly for receive the members deal: Purchase 10 at 10% off, 20 for 20% off up to 50 at 50%.

Contact any director for the discount code up t0 50% off.


COVER QUEST is the official boat cover of NEBASSIN.

Need a cover?? Check COVER QUEST OUT.

The discount code is 10% off to members is, “NEBASSIN” (all caps).
This can be applied in the cart at checkout, over the phone or on live chat.
Cover Quest – www.coverquest.com

Stony Creek Brewery – www.stonycreekbeer.com
We have Stony Creek/NEBASSIN day/nights throughout the year once every few months.
For more info, check under our “news” tab.

The Tackle Hut – www.thetacklehut.com

Pro-Cure Bait Scentswww.pro-cure.com
25% off Pro-Cure products ONLY to all NE Bassin members when
calling in and using code, “NEBASSIN-PC”.

The Alaska life – www.thealaskalife.com – 15% off code for the ThrillPro.
Use code “NEFISHIN” at checkout on Amazon to get the discount.




Samatis Baitswww.samatisbaits.com
10% off to all NE Bassin members. Use code “nebassin15” on their website.


Dr. Dan’s Lipbalm – www.drdanslipbalm.com – Free first class shipping to all members
and new anglers to our site. Use promo code “nebassin” at the check out.

Veracity Baits is offering members 10% off any order when using promo code “NEBassin” at check out.  –  www.veracitybaits.com

Mayos Baits – www.mayosbaits.com

Anthony’s Ocean View – www.anthonysoceanview.com 
The end of year NEBASSIN party will be hosted by Anthony’s for 2017.

Trident Funding Corporation www.tridentfunding.com
Trident Funding save me (Jamie) over $8,000 dollars in my current boat loan. Ask for Bob Jr. to save money on your current or new boat loan. He will quote it for FREE when hearing about us from our website and or being a NE Bassin member and hook you up with a discount.

Kurt’s Marine ServicesCall 860.387.2268 and ask for Kurt.
He will give all NE Bassin members 50% off shrink-wrapping there boat when doing a winterization through him. Up to a $125 value.



  1. Brian whiting

    Hello my name is Brian whiting turn 32 in a few weeks. I’m born and raised in New Jersey I’ve been fish since I started walking. I’m a pro staff member for ardent reels and well as a volunteer for HEROS on the water New Jersey chapter I’ve been kayaking for two years now I own a Jackson coosa HD
    I’m looking to bring something to New Jersey

    • veraj001@hartfordschools.org

      Hey Brian,

      Thanks for your interest in NEBASSIN. Please feel free to contact Jamie through email at nebassinfishing@gmail.com
      Hope to chat more soon enough about a possible division coming to NJ. He will be out of the office and returning June 17th as an FYI if you don’t get a response until then.

      Thanks again, Nebassin

  2. Carl Lovisolo

    Looking forward to fishing NEBASSIN Western Division this year. Benn buying from a lot of your sponsors for years before joining. Products work great.

    Cabin Creak
    Tackle Supply Depot
    Z Man

    Awesome Stuff

    • veraj001@hartfordschools.org

      Thanks for the kind words Carl, we are looking forward in having you come fish with us. We are the leader in the region for many reasons and having fun is one of them 😉 Should be a great year thanks to many of our sponsors.

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