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These photos below are from our 2015 season. Since then, we have been posting our images to our divisions Facebook pages above.

Photos from the 2015 First ever Halloween Extravaganza event at Candlewood lake OCT 31.

IMG_2819 IMG_2818 IMG_2814 IMG_2805 IMG_2804 IMG_2802 IMG_2797 IMG_2792 IMG_2790 IMG_2786 IMG_2782 IMG_2780 IMG_2777 IMG_2775 IMG_2771 IMG_2766 IMG_2765 IMG_2764 IMG_2757 IMG_2755 IMG_2753 IMG_2749 IMG_2748 IMG_2745 IMG_2744 IMG_2743 IMG_2742 IMG_2741 IMG_2740 IMG_2739 IMG_2738 IMG_2736 IMG_2735 IMG_2734 IMG_2733

Photos from the 2015 2-day regional event at Candlewood lake OCT 24-25.
IMG_2668 IMG_7235 IMG_7241 IMG_7234 IMG_7233 IMG_7232 IMG_7231 IMG_7227 IMG_7223 IMG_7209 IMG_7187 IMG_7185 IMG_7183 IMG_7180 IMG_7178 IMG_7174 IMG_7173 IMG_7171 IMG_7168 IMG_7166 IMG_3104 IMG_3101 IMG_3099 IMG_3095 IMG_3094 IMG_3092 IMG_3077 IMG_3072 IMG_3047 IMG_3044 IMG_3038 IMG_3037 IMG_3032 IMG_3030 IMG_3029 IMG_3027 IMG_3026 IMG_3025 IMG_3019 IMG_3018 IMG_3014 IMG_3009 IMG_3007 IMG_3004 IMG_3000 IMG_2996 IMG_2992 IMG_2991 IMG_2988 IMG_2976 IMG_2974 IMG_2964 IMG_2962 IMG_2947 IMG_2936 IMG_2930 IMG_2926 IMG_2921 IMG_2915 IMG_2908 IMG_2901 IMG_2897 IMG_2888 IMG_2886 IMG_2872 IMG_2867 IMG_2863 IMG_2860 IMG_2852 IMG_2784 IMG_2691 IMG_2688 IMG_2683 IMG_2681 IMG_2680 IMG_2671

IMG_2663 IMG_2664 IMG_2668 IMG_2671 IMG_2680 IMG_2681 IMG_2683 IMG_2688 IMG_2691 IMG_2784 IMG_2852 IMG_2860 IMG_2863 IMG_2867 IMG_2872 IMG_2886 IMG_2888 IMG_2897 IMG_2901 IMG_2908 IMG_2915 IMG_2921 IMG_2926 IMG_2930 IMG_2936 IMG_2947 IMG_2962 IMG_2964 IMG_2974 IMG_2976 IMG_2988 IMG_2991 IMG_2992 IMG_2996 IMG_3000 IMG_3004 IMG_3007 IMG_3009 IMG_3014 IMG_3018 IMG_3019 IMG_3025 IMG_3026 IMG_3027 IMG_3029 IMG_3030 IMG_3032 IMG_3037 IMG_3038 IMG_2662

IMG_2519 IMG_2662 IMG_2661 IMG_2657 IMG_2638 IMG_2634 IMG_2625 IMG_2620 IMG_2610 IMG_2608 IMG_2596 IMG_2583 IMG_2563 IMG_2559 IMG_2544 IMG_2537 IMG_2530 IMG_2516 IMG_2510

IMG_2604 IMG_2596 IMG_2595 IMG_2584 IMG_2583 IMG_2580 IMG_2569 IMG_2563 IMG_2561 IMG_2560 IMG_2559 IMG_2557 IMG_2546 IMG_2541 IMG_2540 IMG_2536 IMG_2530 IMG_2526 IMG_2519 IMG_2515 IMG_2514 IMG_2512

Photos from the CT East CT River #2 event.

IMG_1467 IMG_1466 IMG_1464 IMG_1463 IMG_1461 IMG_1460 IMG_1458 IMG_1457 IMG_1455 IMG_1453 IMG_1452 IMG_1451 IMG_1450 IMG_1448 IMG_1447 IMG_1443 IMG_1442 IMG_1440 IMG_1438 IMG_1435 IMG_1434 IMG_1433

Photos from the CT East Mansfield event.

IMG_1291 IMG_1289 IMG_1287 IMG_1285 IMG_1284 IMG_1283 IMG_1280 IMG_1279 IMG_1278 IMG_1276 IMG_1275 IMG_1274
Photos from the Maine Crescent Lake event.

DSC_0891 DSC_0976 DSC_0958 DSC_0948 DSC_0938 DSC_0937 DSC_0935 DSC_0928 DSC_0923 DSC_0922 DSC_0918 DSC_0914 DSC_0909 DSC_0907

Photos from the CT West Lilly #2 event.

IMG_0961 IMG_0960 IMG_0959 IMG_0958 IMG_0951 IMG_0949 IMG_0946 IMG_0945 IMG_0944 IMG_0936 IMG_0934 IMG_0932 IMG_0929 IMG_0925 IMG_0924 IMG_0923 IMG_0921 IMG_0918

Photos from the CT East Pachaug Pond event.

IMG_0905 IMG_0904 IMG_0903 IMG_0902 IMG_0901 IMG_0900 IMG_0901 IMG_0900

Photos from the CT West Candy #2 event.

IMG_0776 IMG_0775 IMG_0772

IMG_0822 IMG_0820 IMG_0809 IMG_0807 IMG_0802 IMG_0801 IMG_0797 IMG_0794 IMG_0792 IMG_0789 IMG_0786 IMG_0780 IMG_0779

Photos from the Maine Lovewell pond event.

DSC_0843 DSC_0841 DSC_0840 DSC_0837 DSC_0828 DSC_0823 DSC_0816 DSC_0814 DSC_0797 DSC_0796 DSC_0794 DSC_0791 DSC_0790 DSC_0787 DSC_0786 DSC_0783 DSC_0777

Photos from the CT West Zoar event.
IMG_0222 IMG_0218 IMG_0211 IMG_0210 IMG_0206 IMG_0205 IMG_0204 IMG_0203 IMG_0202 IMG_0200 IMG_0199 IMG_0197 IMG_0195 IMG_0192 IMG_0190 IMG_0188 IMG_0186 IMG_0182 IMG_0179 IMG_0178 IMG_0177 IMG_0175 IMG_0174 IMG_0173 IMG_0169 IMG_0168 IMG_0167

Photos from the CT East Candy event.

IMG_9694 IMG_9690 IMG_9685 IMG_9680 IMG_9679 IMG_9674 IMG_9667 IMG_9665 IMG_9657 IMG_9653 IMG_9650 IMG_9644 IMG_9640 IMG_9639 IMG_9638 IMG_9636 IMG_9634 IMG_9632 IMG_9629 IMG_9627 IMG_9626 IMG_9621 IMG_9622 IMG_9619 IMG_9617 IMG_9616


Photos from the CT West River event.IMG_8619 IMG_8613 IMG_8611 IMG_8610 IMG_8609 IMG_8607 IMG_8606 IMG_8603 IMG_8602 IMG_8601 IMG_8597 IMG_8595 IMG_8584 IMG_8582 IMG_8587

Photos from the CT West River event.
IMG_8490 IMG_8489 IMG_8488 IMG_8487 IMG_8486 IMG_8423 IMG_8422 IMG_8421 IMG_8420 IMG_8419 IMG_8418 IMG_8417 IMG_8416 IMG_8415 IMG_8414 IMG_8409 IMG_8406 IMG_8403 IMG_8401 IMG_8392 IMG_8391 IMG_8389 IMG_8382 IMG_8376 IMG_8367 IMG_8364 IMG_8360
Photos from the 2015 season to date. CT West, CT East, and NEBKS.

IMG_6753 IMG_6763 IMG_6765 IMG_6766 IMG_6767 IMG_6770 IMG_6826 IMG_6829 IMG_6832 IMG_6833 IMG_6837 IMG_6839 IMG_6841 IMG_6849 IMG_6852 IMG_6853 IMG_6855 IMG_6861 IMG_7132 IMG_7133 IMG_7143 IMG_7148 IMG_7152 IMG_7161 IMG_7169 IMG_7174 IMG_7183 IMG_7185 IMG_7188

Pictures from the first ever NE BASSIN 2-Day Regional Event 2014.
Teams from both CT and MA made up the field.

Congrats to Jason and Ron for taking first place in the regional event and congrats to Scott and David for first place overall for the season.


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