NE Bassin is currently looking for directors across New England. NE Bassin is looking to open up divisions in ME, NY, NH, VT and RI in the next few years. If you are interested on coming on board as a director for either the big boat or kayak series please feel free to contact us either by phone or email for more information (nebassinfishing@gmail.com). There are multiple incentives as a director that may make running a NE Bassin division worth your time. If you are a leader, looking to get involved or want to try something new in running and directing your own fishing divisions, this is a great opportunity to get involved now as there is a high demand while we are in the expansion process. Each division can and will be slightly different regarding the number of events and the total number of entries. We suggest 5-7 events per division per year and between 10-20 max entries per event. Don’t miss out on this once a life time opportunity! First come, first serve regarding territory. Come be apart of NE Bassin and help lead us to becoming the biggest, most affordable, and most competitive series in New England. Incentives and perks are available as a director. We have a ton of anglers fishing on all different levels from beginners to very competitive. Lets work together to grow the sport of bass fishing that we all love and along the way create the best New England Regional Events ever!


  1. Mark Bernier

    I’m interested in the oppertunity to become w trail director. I live in Enfield Connecticut. Could you please send me some info to the email provided?

    Thanks and best regards,
    Mark Bernier

    • veraj001@hartfordschools.org

      Hey Mark and thanks for your interest in NE Bassin. It would be a lot easier if we were to talk on the phone to discuss where we go in the future. cell 203 510 8805 please feel free to call or text me whenever. My email is verb@bidesignllc.com.


    • veraj001@hartfordschools.org

      Hey Jeff,

      Thanks for your interest in NEBASSIN. Feel free to contact me directly to talk more. 203.510.8805 Happy new year,


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