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hawg trough 8in* NEW KAYAK RULE: See “Measurement” rule below. ($20.00)

NEBASSIN is proud to be a partner of the Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) national organization.

Do you want to qualify and fish in the KBF National Championship in 2018? NEBASSIN will qualify 13 total spots for this event.

NEBASSIN will qualify the top overall kayak angler who is a KBF member from each of the 8 Kayak division (NEBKS) throughout the region.
NEBASSIN will also qualify the top 5 overall kayak KBF members at the 2017 NEBKS regional this Fall.

Not only can you fish for fun, fish to win and qualify for a regional, now you have just gave yourself an opportunity to qualify for a national event along
with a possible bid at nationals to fish the worlds through NEBASSIN.

2017 KBF Membership payment makes you eligible to compete in KBF TRAIL Series tournaments, KBF Member-only Challenges, and the KBF National Championship. It also puts you in the running for KBF Angler of the Year.
Deadline for NEBASSIN members to become a KBF member is July 31, 2017 in order to qualify for the above.

Go to the KBF website below to learn more info about the many options, levels and opportunities you can benefit from becoming a KBF member.

kbf-membership – link

2018 New England Bassin Kayak Series (NEBKS) Information

***The website, rules, events and anything else regarding the NEBKS are subject to change at any time in order to improve the series throughout the season. This is stated in means of building and growing the best Kayak/Small Boat Series on the East Coast. All concerns & suggestions are welcome and should be directed at the directors of each series as we are building this series to better suit you as a NEBKS angler***

Welcome to the New England Bassin Kayak Series competitive fishing circuit. NEBKS was created to bring amateur competitive anglers and product sponsors together in a national fishing spotlight to not only increase exposure to the sport of kayak fishing but also offer good payouts, prizes, and recognition for our participants. This year we have divisions in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. At the end of the year in October, we will host the Regional Championship where the best from each state, who have earned a spot, will compete against each other. With your help we can continue to grow the kayak bass fishing scene in New England and have loads of fun while doing it.

Come make some new lifelong friends, learn about some new baits and techniques, make some memories, win some money, relax, and most importantly, have fun doing what you love.

The NEBKS will run from April to October, weekends only. NEBKS events will be one (1) day events between 6-7  hours long depending on that divisions director.

All anglers for the 2018 season will need to pay for their first three (3) tourneys upfront with no refunds before the first tourney you plan to fish. Paying for more events upfront will guarantee your spot in those events, not unless that division or event is already full.  So if you’re serious and want to claim the NEBKS title for the year, then I advise you to get all money and forms in sooner than later. (Note: Most members pay for their entire season upfront to lock in their spot all year long)

How Do You Get Started?

The following information includes everything to expect from an NE Bassin Kayak/Small Boat event. It is suggested that you read over the information and contact the specific director for your state series about any questions you may have. Visit the “Directors” Tab (http://www.nebassin.com/directors/) for contact information.

New England Bassin Membership:

***Membership in New England Bassin is required to participate in any NE Bassin event. NE Bassin officials reserve the right to refuse membership or entry into any NE Bassin event***            

Eligibility:  All adults age 18 and older are eligible for membership. Persons between the age of 11-17 are eligible with a signed waiver from parent/legal guardian. Each member must fish a minimum of 4 NEBKS events per year to be in good standing for the following year.

Youth Persons under the age of 15 will be accepted at the discretion of NE Bassin officials provided they have a means of reliable transportation to and from events by parent/legal guardian and signed waiver from parent/legal guardian.

Membership Cost: $60 per adult per year. $25 per youth per year. (Youth must be 16 or younger before the first NE Bassin event for that year)(NEBASSIN is offering 1 FREE ocean charters to a total of 6 NEBASSIN members that will be hand picked live mid year on Facebook)

(Most of this fee goes towards insurance for the year as NE Bassin is a fully insured organization and the remaining goes towards operation costs, print media, off season shows, marketing, promoting, divisions weigh-in scales, tents and banners, website fees, and the LLC costs)

Benefit/Crossing Over: Membership allows all anglers the opportunity to fish any NE Bassin event. This includes crossing over and fishing from state to state or from big boat to kayak/small boat events. We encourage all members to do so to maximize your time on the water. Nothing is better than fishing against new competitors on new bodies of water. Contact individual directors for more information on interested events.

Points when Crossing over: Be aware that points received in fishing multiple divisions will stay only in that division. Points received in multiple divisions will only be added up at the end of the year when potentially qualifying for the regional event. Not fishing an entire division will not allow you to receive any divisions incentives.

England Bassin works diligently to work with sponsors and partners of all kinds. Members receive special discounts and privileges with many of these companies and organizations. We encourage all members to take full advantage of these opportunities to try new gear and help promote those that help promote us. View the “Sponsors” tab for a full list (http://www.nebassin.com/sponsors/)

Forms: Both a Membership Form and Release Form must be completed, signed, and mailed to the proper NE Bassin Director. Forms can be found via the “Forms” tab and then under “Kayak/Sm. Boat Event Forms…” (http://www.nebassin.com/forms/)

NEBKS Events:

Boats: All kayaks and canoes any length are permitted to fish any NEBKS event. All small boats 12ft in length or less are also permitted.

All watercrafts must be powered by paddle, peddle, or one (1) electric trolling motor at a time. The max trolling motor allowed is 70lb thrust. Boats with other/additional gas motors must remove those motors prior to any event even if there is no intention to use these motors.

Boats with multiple electric trolling motors may be allowed at the discretion of NE Bassin officials provided that no more than one (1) motor is in use at a single time. Only one competitor per watercraft allowed as these are individual events.

Cost: $40 entry fee per boat per event. Additional $10 optional lunker pool per event (single longest fish of all submitted photos). Each competitor must register and pay for an event 5 days prior to any event.

Fish Limit: Each event limit will be three (3) fish measuring at least 12 inches of either largemouth or smallmouth species. Participants must only submit their top three (3) photos to the director for verification at the end of each event.

Measurement: All participants are required to purchase and use a NE Bassin hawg trough as a measuring device for each potential fish at each NEBKS event. Hawg troughs will be available for purchase prior to each event for $20.00 from the director. Please request one from the respective director to assure they are still available. Only an NE Bassin hawg trough may be used in the measurement photo of each fish, no other measurement tool will be accepted in order to be consistent across all events in each state.

hawg trough 8in

Photo Device and Criteria: Successful documentation of fish during each event will be according to the Catch-Photo-Release (CPR) format. Only digital cameras or camera phones will be used to take photos for each event. No disposable, film, or instant Polaroid cameras will be permitted. All participants must provide the equipment (cords, software, memory card reader, etc.) necessary to view photos via a laptop computer. Not all locations will have sufficient cellular reception to email/text photos so please have a backup plan. Contact the appropriate Director about any concerns well before the day of the event.

*It is up to the discretion of the NE Bassin official whether they wish to view/accept photos on the device itself or require photos to be sent/transferred to a laptop/phone for viewing.*

Each Fish photo must include and follow all of the following criteria in order to be scored:

  1. The entire bass from the tip of the lip to the tip of the tail must be in the photo.
  2. The bass must be laying side up in an NE Bassin brand Hawg Trough.
  3. The mouth of the bass must be closed or nearly closed (no more than ½ inch open), lip touching the end of the Hawg Trough fence.
  4. The tail can be pinched and must be flat/touching the Hawg Trough.
  5. Assigned unique identifier must be visible (provided day of event by the director)
  6. Fish must be clear of any and all holding devices. Only the competitors hand may be holding the fish down in the middle of the fish’s body as long as lip and tail and eye of bass are not obstructed in the photo.
  7. Only one overhead photo (not taken at an angle) may be submitted per fish.
  8. Limit of 3 fish will be scored. Only 3 photos shall be submitted to the tournament director at “weigh-in”.
  9. Directors will determine the length along the longest straight line, rounded to the nearest ¼ inch.
  10. All measurements determined by a NE Bassin Director are final. Failure to adhere to the above rules will result in penalties or disqualification.

fish example

Penalties: Fish under 12 inches in any photo submitted will be culled from an angler’s 3 fish limit, additionally, the longest fish will also be culled from the remaining fish. An angler may ask for ONE (1) courtesy check just prior to the time of photo submission to help determine if a fish will be counted as 12 or more inches. Failure to ask for this prior to photo submission will result in the aforementioned penalty.

***Penalties have been adapted from Kayak Bass Fishing Photo Standards***

Penalty Description  Length Deduction
Tournament Identifier missing, counterfeit, or incorrect for the event or competitor DQ
Fish lip or mouth not touching Hawg Trough fence (the upright end plate)  1″
Mouth open wider than 1/4 inch, even if it appears to be structurally unable to close completely.  1.5″
Restraining device, stringer, tape, or clip of any kind is attached to bass or being used to secure it.  DQ
Fingers are pinching the tail lobes together, or even without being constrained by fingers or a restraint the tail tip is 40% or less as wide as the tail base. (This Rule can be changed per event and divisions depending on the director and the majority rule during the morning meeting. Our thought is, as much as this follows the KBF rules, it doesn’t make much sense when mentioning any  big boat event as they are allowed to pinch and move tails to gain length while checking and measuring a close to 12 inch fish.) 1″
Tail lifted off the Hawg Trough; fish flapping tail so its tip is not in contact with the board. DQ
Fish appears to be dead, frozen, mangled, or otherwise damaged so that it may not to have been taken according to the rules, or eye is covered so the condition of the fish cannot be determined.  DQ
Blurry photos will be scored at the highest mark of which there is no doubt n/a
Bass is positioned with the head pointing to the right or dorsal fin at bottom of photo, pelvic and anal fins upward. DQ


Rods: No more than 6 rods may be brought on any boat during any NEBKS event. All rods will be traditional spinning or casting outfits.

Only one rod/reel outfit will be used at any one time. A rod/reel with a hung lure not in the water is not considered in use and may be set aside while another rod/reel is used. Other outfits may be ready for use within a boat. A rod/reel with a lure in the water, even if not in a competitor’s hands, will be considered in use.

The conventional manner of casting and reeling will be used to catch all fish. “Dead-sticking” is allowed but trolling is not allowed as a method of fishing.

Lures: Only artificial lures will be allowed at NEBKS events. No “live” or “prepared” bait will be allowed with the exception of pork rinds/strips.

Personal Flotation Device (PFD): This rule may change during the season as water temps increase based upon the discretion of the NE Bassin director. NE Bassin is committed to safety during all events and REQUIRES all members to wear their Coast Guard approved chest-type PFD, fully zipped up, buckled, and secured at all times during tournament hours while on the water in their boat. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification from the NEBKS event. State rules at certain times allow for you not to wear the PDF, the director will mention this in the morning meeting if it is ok not to wear it based upon state regulations.

Safety: All boats must have on board a light source and emergency whistle or air horn. NE Bassin strongly encourages the use of a visibility flag of some sort to avoid not being seen on the water by another boat.

In the event of an emergency, competitors should call 911 first and then notify the NE Bassin Director as soon as possible.

Payouts and Prizes: ***The percentage of cash payouts for each event is different depending on the state and number of anglers competing. It is not guaranteed that places 1-3 will receive payouts in the form of cash/prizes at every event***

“2018 Season” 

There will be around 100% payouts between cash, giveaways and insentives at each New England Bassin Event for the overall year.

There will be a total of 85% payout for the entire season between event payouts, FREE regional births, hardware per division and extra roll over money being added and put into the regional payouts. Each event will have 73% payout in cash payouts including giveaways from sponsors.

The percentage of cash payouts for each tournament is different depending on the amount of total boats for each event from the 73% payout.

1st 45%-100% • 2nd 20%-30% • 3rd being paid out from 11 boats on 15%-20% • 4th being paid from 16 boats on 10%-15% & 5th paid out from 25 boats on with 5%-10%. These percentages are slightly off when fishing a Maine or Vermont event or an event with under 10 boats.

Day of the Event Schedule: It is of vital importance that all anglers arrive to each event with plenty of time to spare before take-off. Depending on each states rules, some anglers will be required to have boats/equipment inspected before launching boats into the water. Please try to remember which body of water your boat was last in before each event.

Arrival: Anglers need to be at ALL events no later than check-in time. Check-in time is 40-60 minutes before the start of the event. It is recommended that each angler arrive up to 1 hour before take-off in order to register, have boat inspected per individual state rules, offload all gear, and appropriately park before the required pre-tournament meeting (15 minutes before takeoff) 

Pre-Takeoff Meeting: There will be a required meeting 15 minutes before each takeoff to cover rules, sponsors, and fishing area. This may occur on land or on water depending on weather. Failure to attend this meeting will result in disqualification for the event unless the angler has contacted NE Bassin Director.

Takeoff: Boat takeoff numbers will be drawn at random the morning of each event to determine the order of takeoff. Each watercraft will take off every 20 seconds by the director. Each NE Bassin Director will run this process slightly differently and will announce the process of takeoff at the required meeting.

Check-In: All anglers must be within 20 yards from the Takeoff location (shore) by the end of the tournament hours. All anglers will be checked in by an NE Bassin Director or designated angler during the pre-takeoff meeting and a time will be recorded. A deduction of 1 (one) inch per minute over the check in time will occur for any angler late. Anglers more than 10 minutes late will not be permitted to submit any fish for that event.

Late Tow: Any angler who has is having a malfunction or issue on the water must first call the director and notify him/her of the situation before being towed in either by a random person and or another Nebassin member. No fishing is allowed during the tow in by anyone. The angler being towed will be deducted the above penally and the angler doing the towing will not be penalized at all. If no call and voicemail is left to the directors phone, both anglers will get the deductions.

Scoring and Awards:

NEBKS Events Scoring: The winner of each event will be determined by total combined length of no more than 3 fish, this competitor shall receive 100 points. For each place following the winning competitor, 1 point shall be deducted from the previous place.

NEW Bonus Points: Bonus points are for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ONLY in 2018 in any kayak series: 1st place will receive 3 extra bonus points, 2nd will receive 2 extra bonus points and 3rd place will receive 1 extra bonus point added to there point total for that given event.

Last Event Double Points: The last event in each division will be worth double the points. This will allow the point standings to be even more competitive where teams who may think they are out of it, will have an open door to come back.

Catching No Fish: A competitor that did not catch or chooses not to submit any fish photos will receive 5 points under the last possible place for that event.

Pay for points: A competitor who pays for an event but unable to fish will receive 10 points under the last possible place points for that event.

Example: 5 competitors pay, only 4 show up to fish, only 3 people catch fish.
1st place = 100 points + 3 bonus pts = 103
2nd place = 99 points + 2 bonus pts = 101
3rd place = 98 points + 1 bonus pt = 199
4th place (No Fish) = 97-5 = 92 points
5th place (Pay for Points) = 97-10 = 87 points.

Ties: Ties in total lengh for an event will go to the angler who caught the longest bass. If still a tie then it will go to the angler who caught that biggest fish first. (check the time of the photograph)

Ties for lunker will go to the angler who caught the fish first for that event.

No Drop: NE Bassin seasons will not have any dropped events. All events and points earned for a particular division in a particular state will be considered for season awards. All events and points earned across all states and divisions for a given season will not be considered for free regional bid.

Season Awards: NE Bassin is designed to encourage competitors to fish an entire division in order to earn any possible awards and recognition. The top 1-3 overall anglers for any NEBKS division for that season will receive plaques. Big Fish plaques will also be awarded to a given angler. Any division that averages over 12 or more competitors per event over the season will receive 1-3rd place plaques; less than an average of 12 will result in only 1st & 2nd place. Winners will be declared based on total points for that given division. Ties will go to the competitor with the best total length for a single event for that division, if still a tie, the largest single fish for that division will determine the winner.

Free Regional bid: The top 1-3 overall anglers (depending on average number of anglers for each division) for a given division for the season will get a FREE entry into that season’s Regional Classic Championship event. (1 free regional bid for of every 45 total entries up to 3 free bids max) All events and points earned across all divisions and states for a given season, will only be added to qualify for the regional event.

Regional Championship

NE Bassin knows the importance of recognizing and putting the best of the best anglers from all states against each other in order to form new friendships and prove who can catch the best fish. Each season will culminate in a regional championship event for all qualifying anglers on a body of water TBD each year.

How to Qualify: Anglers must have 375 points to qualify to fish this event. Depending on the interest and qualified anglers, NE Bassin may have to elect to only allow a certain percentage of anglers from each division the ability to fish this event as we continue to grow while being the regions leader in tournament bass fishing. Stay tuned for updates.

Fees: $80 entry fee per angler per boat. $10 optional split lunker fee.

Awards: The top 3 anglers and the lunker winner will receive plaques in addition to their prizes and payouts.

Old Town Predator 13 Kayak Giveaway: We will once again be giving away an Old Town Predator at our 2018 regional event. This will be raffled off. You will receive 1 FREE raffle ticket if you come in the top 8 in any kayak division. The top 5 overall at our regionals will receive 3 FREE bonus tickets and places 6-10 will receive 1 FREE bonus ticket.

Regional Extras: Top anglers from each division may have the possibility and opportunity to compete for extra money during the regional classic championship as a bonus. (TBD)

Additional Rules

Life preserver: Life jackets must be worn and secured by all contestants at all times during any NEBKS events. Failure to do so will have that days catch disqualified. If the Director states during the am meeting that it does not have to be worn during the event by that states rules, you still must have one in your rig.

Pre-Fishing: There will be no off limits period for any event unless specified by the individual NE Bassin Director. All anglers may practice any day prior to any event and may do so with the assistance or advice of another competitor but NOT a fishing guide.

No Live Bait: Only artificial lures can be used in any NE Bassin event. The use of pork rind is permitted.

No Trolling: Trolling with the use of your trolling motor as a method of fishing is prohibited.

Leaving Your Boat: Anglers must remain in their boat at all times during the tournament hours when fishing. Anglers may leave their boats at any time to answer “nature’s calling”, in case of weather emergencies, retrieve a lure, or to just take a break and eat a snack. During these times no fishing may take place. Anglers may NOT leave their boat in order to intentionally navigate over/past an obstacle to get to a different fishing location.

Motherships: The used of motherships, any watercraft used to transport or assistant a competitor in moving their boat and themselves to a different location, is NOT permitted. Assistance from another boat is only permitted in the event of an emergency, as when pulling a kayak incapable of returning to the ramp location.

Weather Delays and Cancellation:In the event of extreme weather conditions such as Tornados (warnings), thunderstorms with lightning, etc. the tournament director will monitor the path of the storms and their length to determine if an event can start or proceed as scheduled. In the event that conditions have not improved 2 hours past the initial start time of the event, the event will be cancelled. Should the tournament be delayed but able to proceed, the check in times will stand as posted in accordance with the state permit for the event. If by chance an event has started and anglers are on the water during a storm, please use your best judgment and find a safe place until the end of the storm and event.

Event Ties: Ties for placing in the tournament will be broken by longest bass. If anglers are still tied for total combined length and longest single fish length, the angler that caught their longest fish first will be declared the winner.

Lunker will be determined by the single longest fish of all submitted photos for that event. In the event of a tie the cash prize will be split between those anglers. Directors may have a split lunker and payout one for lunker largemouth and one for lunker smallmouth if they choose to do so.

Substitutes and Refunds: There will be no substitutes at any NEBKS event. In the event that an angler is unable to compete in an event but has already paid, they will receive the proper amount of points as outlined in the “Scoring and Awards” section, “No Show” subsection.

If an angler is unable to compete in an event for which they have “saved” a spot but not yet paid their entry fee and it is still 5 days before the scheduled event, they must notify the appropriate NE Bassin Director immediately to avoid penalty.

If the above situation occurs but it is less than 5 days before the scheduled event, an angler will be responsible for the cost of that event due to holding a spot that could’ve been utilized by another angler willing to compete.

No refunds will ever be awarded in the event that an angler is disqualified from the current event or future events due to banishment from the organization.

Double Parking: All vehicles must be double parked if possible to cut down on the amount of parking area our events take up. Please be mindful of this rule as we have been warned by each states DEEP, Fish and Game that future complaints may result in action in the future.

Sight Fishing: When visibly fishing a bed or for bedding bass, to be counted as a legal fish, all bass must be caught in the traditional sporting manner with the hook inside the mouth. Any fish caught by snagging/foul hooked will not be counted and should be returned to the water immediately.

Sportsmanship: All contestants are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy and conservation. Drunkenness/drug use shall be cause for immediate disqualification. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs shall be allowed in the boats during the tournament hours extending through the close of the “weigh-in”. Be kind and considerate to all other NE Bassin members on and off of the water.

Cheating: Cheating in any sense of the word will not be tolerated. Any competitor in direct intended violation of any tournament rule may be immediately disqualified.

A designated NE Bassin official must be granted access to a competitor’s boat at any time during the official competition day. Failure to grant such access may result in immediate disqualification.

Each competitor agrees to report to the NE Bassin director immediately any violation or infraction of tournament rules. Failure to report violations, or suggestions to another competitor that they violate these rules, or false verification of fish length, or any attempt to alter a fish length or NE Bassin Hawg Trough may be cause for disqualification.

By his/her signature on the official tournament entry form, each competitor agrees to submit to a truth verification test and abide by its conclusion should he/she be accused of any rule violation. The NEBKS Tournament Director, rules committee, or such person designated by the Tournament Director, shall have the discretion to determine the need for a truth verification test. The NEBKS Tournament Director or his/her designee shall be responsible for selecting an independent expert to administer and interpret the results and establishing, in consultation with the expert administrator, the scope of the questions which may be asked during the test. The NEBKS Tournament Director or his/her designee shall have sole responsibility selecting the location, date, and time of the test nearest NEBKS headquarters with respect to all concerned parties schedule and travel cost. The competitor shall make himself/herself available at the location selected by the Tournament Director and shall cooperate in all respects with such test. Anglers taking a truth verification test may be responsible for any and all costs incurred.

Random truth verification tests may be administered on site during the course of a NEBKS Open Event.

Following review, a determination by NE Bassin officials that a competitor is guilty of cheating will result in permanent revocation of NE Bassin Membership and suspension from all future events without refund. NE Bassin also reserves the right to publicize all findings via social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), all participating kayak fishing forums and any other channel available for disseminating such information.

Protest: All protests must be submitted in writing to the NE Bassin Director before the conclusion of the event when winners are announced and prize money is paid out. The director and board consisting of other official NE Bassin directors will meet/discuss to resolve any protest and have a final decision made within 24 hours.

State Rules: All state rules and regulations must be followed. Anglers breaking a State Rule or Regulation will have that day’s weight disqualified with no refund.


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