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Please contact Jamie Verab by email or by phone if you have any questions, would like to join any of the NEBASSIN divisions, would like more information about becoming a director, or coming on board as a possible sponsor.

E. – C. 203.510.8805



      Sorry for not getting back sooner as i didn’t see this comment util now. Im not sure if you fished or not but it would have been for 2 adult memberships $50 each plus the entry fee $70 with an optional $10. So a total of $180, again sorry for the delay.


      Hey Bob, thanks for your interest in NEBASSIN. Based upon our phone convo yesterday so others can see this post, Yes a membership is required along with new members getting me there boat insurance and registration, as we are a regional organization that is fully insured.

  1. Doug Bonfilio

    Hey guys,
    Signed up at the Boxborough show in January. Looking forward to the upcoming season. I’m looking to fish the Central Trail this year.
    Just wondering where to send payments or how to pay for tourneys. No where on the site or literature is it listed.

    Thanks guys!


      Hey Doug,
      All of the info that your curious in is on the membership form itself under the “forms” tab that you will have to download and print out. Hope this helps, looking forward to a great and epic 2016 season.


  2. Pat hussey

    Is a youth member (under 16) allowed to fish on a team or individualy in the kayak series. If so, how much is a membership


      A youth member can participate in the big boat series ONLY as a team with consent of a parent. The Kayak series has to be 16 years of age or older for the kayak series. The kayak series is not a team event for 2016. If a youth turns 16 during mid season, then thats where he or she can participate with NEBASSIN.

      Hope this helps.

  3. Richard Monocchi

    Hi I am interested in joining NE Bassin can you email the info I need to becoming a member !! Thanks


      Hey John, thanks for your interest in NEBASSIN. To answer your question, NEBASSIN allows you to fish what you want, when you want. It allows you to fish at your own pace from state to state, series to series and lastly from division to division. Hope this helps and feel free to contact Jamie directly with any more questions or concerns.


      Hey Noah, thanks for your interest in NEBASSIN. What are you looking to fish? Please text or call me to further discuss the possibilities. 203.510.8805 Jamie

  4. Owen Zimnoch

    Hey I am looking to fish in your Holloween tournament. I am wondering prices and if my kids could come fishing also I have two.


      Hey Mike,
      As of now yes there is space, but i can’t guarantee there will be in a few weeks or few months at best. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.



      Still working on a few in MA. I would try contacting Jesse our Salt director and see where he is at. I already reached out as well.


    • nebassin

      Hi Stefan,

      Memberships are online on our website under the forms tab. We also updated out online store where you can use a CC if need be.

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