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With a brand new fishing circuit comes a brand new look. We have a variety of gear to purchase for you to look good wearing. We brand our company not only through word of mouth, our reputation, great events and creating life long memories and friendships but also with great looking apparel. We have t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, hats, neck bandanas, towels, boat and truck decals. If we are going to be the best branded organization in New England, we might as well look the best while doing so, and you should too.


  1. Just wondering if you are manufacturing these products in house or outsourcing or if you have partnered with someone to print/stitch these products. I work for Atlantic sportwear in Portland Maine and we specialize in this process.


      Thanks Ryan for the offer and thought, but I personally actually own a graphic design and print firm in CT were we do all of the gear in house.

  2. al jurgenson

    what about banners, decals, signs etc. I work for a manufacture in NH and can pretty much print on anything given I have the art work to print from.


      Hey Al thanks for your interest in NEBASSIN. I actually own my own design and print firm the last 11 years so in saying that I print all of our stuff. If i ever get into a jam I will keep you in mind.

      Thanks again, Jamie

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